101 Things

This is my master list of 101 Things to Do in 1,001 Days – as I finish things I’ll cross them off and, if applicable, link to the post about them.

1. Fix dents in my car
2. Go to National Geographic museum
3. Finish gallery wall
4. See a baleen whale
5. Get a new tattoo
6. Go on a real vacation
7. Eat a meal exclusively from my garden
8. Get my SCUBA certification
9. Take a French class
10. Go to a Capitals game
11. Go to a Redskins game
12. Get a good set of knives
13. Go skiing
14. Join DAR
15. Take Teddy on an airplane
16. Get blog banner
17. Frame two art pieces to go above my bed
18. Visit St. Michael’s, Oxford, and Easton on the Bay
19. Visit Monticello, in Virginia
20. Hike in the Shenandoah Valley
21. Visit the Kennedy Space Center
22. Explore the Everglades
23. Look for shells at Sanibel Island
24. Go for one entire day without looking at my phone or computer
25. Visit New Bedford
26. Visit Martha’s Vineyard
27. Visit Nantucket
28. Visit Cape Cod
29. Learn to parallel park
30. Go to a play/musical on Broadway
31. Build a gingerbread house
32. Attend a ballet
33. Go to the opera
34. Learn a little bit of Japanese
35. Learn a little bit of Russian
36. Go to an embassy party
37. Read all of Richard Ellis’s books
38. Create an emergency kit for me and Teddy
39. Make my own laundry detergent
40. Make a snow angel
41. Get a hot stone massage
42. Have my fortune told
43. Visit the White House
44. See a foreign film in the theater
45. Crochet a scarf
46. Make a needlepoint sampler
47. Cook rice the “real” way – no boil in bag
48. Get a sewing machine
49. Get a KitchenAid mixer
50. Go to California
51. Spend one whole day on a boat
52. Teach Teddy to roll over
53. Read 50 books
54. Take Teddy to the beach
55. Go to the National Archives
56. Make homemade applesauce
57. Catch snowflakes
58. Go for a walk in the rain
59. Make homemade ice-cream
60. Build a snowman
61. Go to a TEDx event
62. Give a genuine compliment to someone I don’t like
63. Make popsicles
64. Get a fire safe for important papers
65. Go apple picking
66. Go peach picking
67. Make jam
68. Make apple cider
69. Bake a pie from scratch
70. Go to Mt. Vernon, VA
71. Start a plant from seed
72. Go to a farmer’s market
73. Plant a rose bush
74. Do the splits
75. Save $1 for each task I complete
76. Visit a new country
77. Go to the National Book Festival
78. Clean out/organize my closet
79. Make something from the Pioneer Woman cookbook
80. Hold a dinner party
81. Visit an observatory
82. Try surfing
83. Write something and have it published
84. Visit an UNESCO World Heritage Site
85. Play a board game
86. Buy a new suit
87. Get Teddy’s Canine Good Citizen certification
88. Visit an animal sanctuary
89. Go to a concert
90. Go rock climbing
91. Go to an IMAX movie
92. Visit the New Bedford Whaling Museum
93. Make a photo book
94. Watch a movie starting with each letter of the alphabet
95. Do 10 push-ups
96. Give up Diet Coke for one week
97. Try 3 new work-out DVDs
98. Make a recipe book
99. Go to an antique store
100. Do a headstand
101. Go to a community theater play


One Response to “101 Things”

  1. angie June 30, 2011 at 1:25 pm #

    I don’t have a list, but you may just have inspired me to start one. I loved reading your list!

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