Disclosure Statement

So, I’ve been seeing a lot of disclaimers and stuff on other blogs, and I want to be as transparent and truthful as possible, so here’s my disclaimer post.

Most of the reviews I post are things that I’ve bought, or found online and thought were cool. I do go see movies for free, because I work at the movie theater. If I receive products to try and/or giveaway, I include that in my post.

Basically, if I got it for free (aside from movies) I say so in the post. If I don’t mention it (or if I tell you how much I paid for it) then it’s something I bought and I’m not getting any kind of compensation for writing about it – I just think it’s cool, like those organic cotton shirts from WalMart that I just posted about.

If I got any other kind of compensation for a post, I’ll mention that also. All opinions are my own – I don’t get anything special for saying nice things. I do have some cash-generating ads on the sidebars – if you could call a nickle here and there cash – but I generally don’t make any cold hard cash from this blog.

So yeah, that’s my big disclaimer post. I guess I’ll edit and add to it as I need to, but for now I think that about covers everything.

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